npm 1.0: Released

Sun, 01 May 2011 15:09:45 UTC - Isaac Schlueter - npm

npm 1.0 has been released. Here are the highlights:

  • Global vs local installation
  • ls displays a tree, instead of being a remote search
  • No more “activation” concept - dependencies are nested
  • Updates to link command
  • Install script cleans up any 0.x cruft it finds. (That is, it removes old packages, so that they can be installed properly.)
  • Simplified “search” command. One line per package, rather than one line per version.
  • Renovated “completion” approach
  • More help topics
  • Simplified folder structure

The focus is on npm being a development tool, rather than an apt-wannabe.

Installing it

To get the new version, run this command:

curl | sh 

This will prompt to ask you if it’s ok to remove all the old 0.x cruft. If you want to not be asked, then do this:

curl | clean=yes sh 

Or, if you want to not do the cleanup, and leave the old stuff behind, then do this:

curl | clean=no sh 

A lot of people in the node community were brave testers and helped make this release a lot better (and swifter) than it would have otherwise been. Thanks :)

Code Freeze

npm will not have any major feature enhancements or architectural changes for at least 6 months. There are interesting developments planned that leverage npm in some ways, but it’s time to let the client itself settle. Also, I want to focus attention on some other problems for a little while.

Of course, bug reports are always welcome.

See you at NodeConf!

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